capture your grief, day 17: sacred space

Kade’s bedroom is a place I can go to feel close to him. Below are some pictures, and here is a link to another post about how this cozy space came to be.


Kade’s whitewater PFD on which he left his mark


I feel close to Kade by his river in Buena Vista: The Arkansas. On that river he kayaked rapids. On that river he became a certified whitewater rafting guide, only getting to practice his newfound passion weeks before his life ended. Between those banks he bonded with his fellow rookie guides, and trainers. Into that river some of his ashes were poured on the first anniversary of his death. Boy’s ashes, mama’s tears, moving water, never still. And echoes of the laughter of his friends who remember him there every year.


Rafting to remember Kade and Ryan, the first anniversary, 6/29/13


Rafting to remember Kade and Robbie, the second anniversary, 6/29/14

Rafting to remember Kade and Robbie, the third anniversary, 6/29/15

Rafting to remember Kade and Ryan, the fourth anniversary, 7/2/16 (photo courtesy of Jerry Straut)