capture your grief – day 5: friendship

FRIENDSHIP | Share about a friend who has been there for you during this grief experience. How grateful are you for them? What did they do to help you. Maybe send them a message and thank them for their support.

It’s hard to choose one friend to reflect on here. My mind goes to one friend, then a few close ones, then different friend circles, and then to my grief buddies.

But…I keep coming back to one friend. My best friend, Leah.

With not just this, the worst thing, she’s been there for so much since we met when we were 17 and seniors in high school. Seventeen, that oh-so-easy age and stage.

We’ve been best friends for 30 years.







1989 or ’90 – How do I not have a better picture of us from then?


Leah’s birthday 2012 (just before Kade died)

I won’t say too much to embarrass her (more) here. But I know this hasn’t been easy for her. Who wants to talk about a friend’s child loss…when you have a child? We’ve both grown in un-asked-for ways since Kade died. She’s stuck it through every hour of our texting and talking. And we seem to squeeze much laughter in there, too.

I had Brian call nearly all my friends when Kade died. But Leah, I had to call myself.

I can always call Leah.

While writing this, I’ve remembered so many other friends who have been there for me when, and since, Kade died.

So many, that if I try to reflect here, now, will make this a too-long post. Please know you are appreciated.