capture your grief – day 4: heart connection

HEART CONNECTION | Do you feel connected to your child even though they are no longer here? If so, how do you feel connected? Share how your imagination works to keep you together. If you do not feel connected to your child, maybe have a read of what others are sharing. Maybe one of their ideas or practices will resonate.

I do feel connected to Kade. At some times more than others.

I felt connected to him on the anniversary of his death in June when we gathered for whitewhitewater rafting.

I felt connected tonight when I watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone with my family. He read the books and we watched the movies over the course of his childhood.

There were tears when Harry was in front of the Mirror of Erised (a mirror that shows your deepest desires), gazing at his parents who died.


I know what would appear in the mirror for me.

I felt connected when I bought a purple crocheted star coaster at a craft sale today. Purple was one of his favorite colors, and his too short life reminds me of a shooting star.


Because I needed a purple crocheted star coaster. 😉

I guess I feel connected to him a lot. Because I think of him a lot.