capture your grief, day 18: healing therapies

I guess it was a good thing that my mom called a local grief center for recommendations for a grief counselor for me. How in the heck would we have known to ask for someone who was trained in grief and trauma? Or who was a Fellow in Thanatology (the study of death, dying, and bereavement)? Or that there are bad ones out there? I am lucky that who I ended up going with happened to be a grief guru of sorts.

I’ve had a few opportunities to engage in art therapy. One activity at a grief retreat in Boulder was spent in “sacred silence” adorning a box with the choices of more craft supplies than you could imagine. I created this little soft, cushy, flannel box. It was surprisingly emotional. And I’m sure, utilized different parts of my brain as I picked out the perfect stones, colors, textures, and shapes. There is something about creating with your hands.

It gives your feelings something to do.

At a four-day retreat in Sedona we practiced guided meditation. There are so many benefits of mindful meditation that I want to incorporate it more into my life.

Yoga has been the perfect way to get back into exercising. Again, something I want to make more time for.

I think any expression is positive, like Capture Your Grief. Writing has been a major healing therapy for me.


A Kade vision board I did early on. Love vision boarding.

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