capture your grief, day 25: i am

I AM | Finish these 5 sentences

I wish: that Kade wore his soft burgundy flannel instead of me. And that the pictures I have of him didn’t stop at age 19.

I remember: his laugh and his voice, thank goodness.

I could not believe: that one so animated and talkative could be so abruptly silenced. 

If only: I could call him up right now. It’s been too long.

I am: still experiencing a level of disbelief that this is reality.


Needed a little humor with this post.

One thought on “capture your grief, day 25: i am

  1. In mom mode.

    I wish I could make it better.

    I remember innocent times.

    I could not believe we would live with this.

    If only I had control of this world, no one would experience this.

    I am angry at unfairness, hurt, injustice, helplessness, chaos, distance, unanswered prayers, time, ignorance, silence.


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