capture your grief – day 9: day dreams

DAY DREAMS | Do you ever day dream (or in your sleep) about your child? Do you wonder if they still exist in our universe? Do you wonder about what they look like now?

Siiigh. I like this topic. And it’s a tough one. I love dreaming of Kade. And it’s hard, too.

One time I was picking up food to go at Tokyo Joe’s. Gazing through to the window to the kitchen, I saw a worker who looked SO MUCH like Kade.

I went with it.

I pretended it was him. That I was just visiting him at work…something so normal.

It did my mind good to take this mini-vacation, and my eyes good to feel like they were really resting on him.

I relish sleeping dreams I have of him. I have a dream journal next to my bed so I don’t forget a moment “with him.” One dream felt so real it felt more like a visit than a dream.


Maybe it was.



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