capture your grief, day 16: full moon retreat

Highlands Ranch, CO, USA, about 8:00 p.m. MDT

Our instructions for today were to post the Hunter’s Moon as it rose, from wherever we are in the world. Then we were to “retreat” and take a break from our daily postings. So I retreat to my studies and leave you with this:

Though I did not set my alarm and get out for a photo precisely at moon-rise as I did for sunrise on day 1, here is my moon shot from my front yard, already making its way into the sky.


One thought on “capture your grief, day 16: full moon retreat

  1. Wow, looks big. We could not see the hunter’s moon from here because of clouds. The nights’ moons before and after were bright. Remember the moon when we set off the lanterns in Dry Creek park a couple years ago? It was bright and right above us? And I think of the moon story I told Kade many years ago on our deck. A night I cherish in my memory


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