blogging a to z april challenge – n

n – numinous

I didn’t know the word before one of my first classes: Spirituality and Counseling.

numinous – adjective
nu·mi·nous | \ ˈnü-mə-nəs
Definition of numinous
2 : filled with a sense of the presence of divinity : HOLY
3 : appealing to the higher emotions or to the aesthetic sense : SPIRITUAL

Isn’t it a great word?

Much of my life has an element of the numinous now. After all, my son is “on the other side of the veil.” My Spirituality and Counseling class and entire grad school experience were no exceptions.

We got to share a 5-minute story in class on something numinous we experienced in our lives. I told about a time Kade “threw me” a couple signs—two stars in a row. Briefly, when I was feeling really down on the way to a child loss support group I saw a star illuminated in the foothills at precisely the time I needed it. Then, wondering if it was Kade, or god, or a higher power, or what, I was thrown a second one—an actual shooting star across the view of my windshield. Whelp, that cemented it for me—to me it was a sign that Kade was OK. And somehow, with me.

I loved hearing the other stories of my classmates’ numinous experiences. That class was one of my favorite memories at Regis.

I’d like to hear from you. What is a numinous experience you’ve you had?

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2 thoughts on “blogging a to z april challenge – n

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog site… I’ve been reading through yours. This one relates to how I am feeling now. We just had my mother’s burial this week. It seemed so final. I had told her many times to let me know that she was ok, that she was on the other side. I said to come back to me as a hummingbird or something not scary. She told me she was going to come back and grab my feet. Since she died on the 8th, I have been looking for that sign. Nothing. Two things did happen though: an insurance claim we had been fighting for a significant amount of money came back in our favor… they called me as we were driving to the burial after the Mass. The other is that in the day before my mother’s services I kept getting $5 bills as change. Momma collected $5 bills because she used them for the Mass collection every week. We went to breakfast and I paid with a $50 bill… I got back all fives as change. We stopped somewhere else to pick up something for the services, and again the change was all in fives… I’m taking them as Momma organizing things from above… but seriously, where’s my hummingbird?


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