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This is the week before grad school begins. I wanted to have every aspect of my life in perfect array before it started. My home spring-cleaned, all the boxes on my long to-do list neatly checked, and new efficient home scheduling and organizing systems in place. But…that’s not the case.

I’m feeling unorganized.

Every day my immediate priorities take precedence, and I’m not getting to the long to-do list or spring cleaning. I try…but it’s all I can do to get through my pressing responsibilities like ordering and buying my textbooks, keeping up with my writer’s group (What? I might have to give that up with graduate school? Shhh…I’m sort of in denial about that right now), show up to my part-time nanny job, and, oh yeah, take care of my kid.

Is “it” ever all in place? Are we ever fully on top of it all, and caught up? Or is it continually a process?

I think I’ll just have to continue prioritizing. I’ll have to keep my extra-curricular activities light so that I can devote myself to my large commitment at hand. And keep chipping away at all there is to be chipped away at, when I can. And that’ll just have to be OK.

5 thoughts on “blogging a – z challenge – “u”

  1. You can do it! From what I’ve seen of you over these few A to Z days, you’re a committed and determined woman. Yes, it will be crazy. You’ll have whirlwind weeks where you’ll wonder what on earth you were thinking. You may end up with bald patches, from where you pulled your hair out. But I know you’ll accomplish your goals. In the end, there will be so many people you’ll help through their grief.And I know that Kade will be smiling as he watches, and he’ll have his arms wrapped tight around you every step of the way.


  2. You will be just fine. What doesn’t get done, doesn’t really matter. We purged out 2 storage rooms over the weekend that have been building up with junk for over 20 years. It was amazing to see items that seemed important enough to keep/store 20 years ago, that haven’t been touched in 20 years!


  3. I wish we would clean out some of the junk that has accumulated here over just 7 years. I think you will be fine. It’s amazing how just letting some things slide and focusing on what’s most important and doing a bit as you go, can work in the long run.

    Finding Eliza


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